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LS T507 Mushroom Design with Night Lamp

Light up the darkness with Led Batten, Providing remarkable life span and effortless installation. Reliable and powerful with high heat dissipation and light stability. Built with robust poly carbonate body and provides guaranteed quality along with stunning economic value. Often used in places with low lighting requirments such as ceiling, dark trough, cupboard, display rack and so on.

  • LS-T507

    Item code LS-T507 LS-T507 LS-T507
    Power 20+2W 20+2W 20+2W
    Colour 3000k 4500k 6500k
    Surge 2.5kv 2.5kv 2.5kv
    Lumens 1870LM 1980LM 2200LM
    PF >0.95 >0.95 >0.95
    Input voltage AC150-270 AC150-270 AC150-270
    Size 1176x33.2x36.2mm 1176x33.2x36.2mm 1176x33.2x36.2mm

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